Hiring a greeter

I really need everyone’s help in this matter. I plan to hire a greeter vs. having someone in the park act as such. The problem is that short of day laborers, I have never hired anyone in my life. What I could really use is the experience of others as to how to go about the process and what to look for. Here is what I am offering and what the job entails:

16 X 70 2/2, absolutely gorgeous home with all appliances, central air, new carpets, etc.

market rent would be around $500

I plan to charge them $50/month to cover insurance on the home and workman’s comp.

$500 security deposit

month-to-month agreement

primary job is to be main point of contact with residents and keep me abreast of any developments I need to know about

pick up trash including along the highway

pass out notices

show homes but no discussion of price/terms

take and send digital pics and vids

coordinate with any outside vendors such as snow removal and grass cutting

$100 petty cash only, no rent collection

I provide phone/fax/answering and maybe a phone line (undecided on this)

plant annual beds each year

no use of power equipment of any kind

I’ll advertise the job on Craigslist as a way to screen out people with no computer skills.

OK everyone, if ever there were a time I needed help, this is it. What do you recommend I do?



Wheat Hill