Hiring 1st Manager

I’m interviewing a lady to be my manager. She has managed another park successfully for a decade. It is also a small park and so she has capacity to add another park. I have 25 tenants right now and will get up to 31. Any ideas on what to pay her? I have no trouble with collections, they all pay at my bank on time. My problems have been with defiant behavior following rules to maintain yards and homes, pets running loose, etc.

Yesterday I found that her other park is charging $100 more per month in Lot rent than mine and I am in a better location, and I have tenants complaining and refusing to sign leases and constantly stressing me out.

So whatever her rate is, I’m just going to raise rent in 6 months to cover it. I need my life back.

I read somewhere that the ball park figure for what to pay a park manager is $10 dollars per lot per month. I have 38 tenants and pay my manager accordingly. I recently hired my first manager and he had no issues with the compensation.

That’s a good way to look at it. I started with hourly but once she gets it under control I will consider moving to that model.

I want to also note that my park has 100% tenant owned homes. And tenants are responsible for almost all utilities. If I had a park with a significant amount of POHs to sell and more maintenance issues, I would have to consider a different model.