High Cash Flow and IRR MHP Syndication

All. Our company, Hekla Ventures, is on our fourth syndication and we are looking for additional investors outside of our core group of return investors. Please see a bit of info below and feel free to reach out to me at the info below.

Also, if you are looking to learn how to invest in MHPs and run them I am happy to mentor really anyone, but will provide an extra layer of training and support to investors.

Hekla Ventures

Now Accepting Investments!

Davis Court Mobile Home Park

Hekla Ventures is excited to share with you the unique opportunity to invest in Davis Court Mobile Home Park in Brunswick, Maine. This syndication will invest in best-in-class, highly experienced real estate operators with successful track records of acquiring, improving, and selling value add assets. Davis Court is particularly well situated to be a high cash flow appreciating asset.

Key Elements:

15-20% IRR
8-11% Cash on Cash
2.1 Equity Multiple
3-5 Year Term

This offering will allow investors to benefit from the experience of the operators, cash flow from operations, and the upside created upon exit by the value-add activities, all without the fees which typically come with larger funds or syndications. This will be the fourth syndication for Hekla Ventures and the first three have produced both strong cash flows and value growth, all while protecting our investors from inflation. Please note that this opportunity is for accredited investors only and the minimum investment is $50,000.

We are excited to present this investment opportunity in a traditionally over-looked asset class! This is a great opportunity to move capital out of the rollercoaster equity markets and into a consistently high-performing market segment.

If you’d like to learn more, please review the supplemental material, and feel free to contact us at [info@heklaventures.com,]

John Garcia


Hekla Ventures

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