Here's some info on Smart metering


These digital meters are designed for each homes use to record household water usage electrically. This technology is the next generation meter, replacing analog meters in the process.


These smart meters record the data regarding each households water consumption and transmit it back to your supplier. Compared to analog meters, smart metering records the data more accurately and sends back the information with greater ease.


Estimated energy bills have always been a problem for many communities. Smart meters are a simple solution to those situations. These meters automatically record and wirelessly send information to your supplier, detailing regular energy consumption levels in each one of your homes—ultimately helping to ensure your water bills are much more accurate.


Installing smart meters in your communities eliminates the need of having to get meter readings, which typically involves inviting a stranger to your home to check your meter for you. Not to mention, since monitoring your water usage just got easier, you’ll have more visibility into where you’re spending the most. With access to real-time information, you can start managing your water usage more efficiently.


Chances are, your meter typically remain pretty consistent month after month. So any sudden peaks in your water use should help you to determine if there are leaks or problems in your water system. This way, you can get an expert to take a look at your system to locate and fix the problem. This will prevent the matter from getting worse and reduce the chance of costlier repairs down the road.


With this data your tenants can dictate whether or not they need to cut back on their usage, and what measures they can take to use water in their homes wisely. Smart meters come with a better warranty as well, meaning your investment will continue to save you money long after you’ve seen your ROI.

So if you’re looking for a way to manage water consumption levels in your community, why not evaluate smart meters and see how they can help you to improve your water consumption habits and practices. Contact me at ABT Water Management for more details.

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