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A good friend, who recently bought a fill-in Park in Ga, called me Saturday with three homes maybe being removed from one of our larger Parks here in Ocala,FL (1000+ spaces).

These are older homes with very nice screen rooms, carports, sheds, etc.

These amenities make these valuable now, but detract from value after removal.

Instead of moving, I suggested my daughter Jen (turned 18 last week) list and sell the homes. She will make about 2K per home gross and takes very little money to advert and sell hopefully.

these homes are in great shape and we hope she can sell quickly…a part time job with full time money with very little out of pocket. there are over 40 homes for sale in there so if these sell quickly she might try to list others.

This is a perfect for someone to “break into the biz” without a lot of dough. My wife and I want her to do some stuff on her own and find a niche b4 we get involved. It is tough to watch a child struggle to find a toe hold in this biz…but I know I can’t take the action steps for her.

None of the friends we have over daily, working on my lot, going to MOM’s, or books are enough to succeed in this business. Somewhere in the process a person needs to take a chance and jump in with both feet…I hope she has the courage and faith to take that jump!

Greg Meade


Your daughter has a pair of awesome “in house teachers” I know that she will do great, just as you have.

It sounds like you are on to a low risk/ high reward line to get Jen started, that should take less courage & faith than a “typical” Lonnie deal.

No doubt there will be lots of “encourage” from both of you, as well as the faith that you have built up in her over 18 years.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.



Sounds like a great idea for your daughter. Can you explain a little bit more the details of the sales. I see two types of sellers in parks, those trying to sell a $10k home for $30k and those just trying to dump their home and get out of town. I am interested in learning more and may jump on a few in my area. See you at bootcamp Greg.

Cole Haynes