I am John. I am from southern California. Great site and info. Thank you.

Ok here goes. I bought a mobile on an acre. 2003 3 2 Palm. Large single.

Needed a long drive way and stairs, some flooring, fixtures other wise

great shape. This is in a rural area but within easy driving area

to several plant jobs. Nice street nice neighbors. Whats wierd is that there are big homes and dilapidated trailers in the same area. Mostly

modest housing. I placed a sign on the main streets and got a lot of calls.

But what I found discouraging is that so far, its only been a few days,

every one thats called has bad credit and no money for the deposit

even though they work at the plant making reasonable money. They wanted to know if I will finance the deposit. Long hair, tats, smokers and big dogs and they refuse to eat organic at whole foods. ha ha.

Seriously how do I weed out the nice folks from the trouble makers. I got a

great deal and would like to hold on to it long term. I am VERY happy with

the deal and can flip it for a profit. But I am getting older and want to generate cash flow and leave property to my kids. Its in the path of progress 10y +. Plus I can add another mobile there.

What about allowing BIG dogs and smokers.

Just kidding about the long hair part.


Its not Laguna Beach, thank goodness.

What’s your holding strategy? Are you renting, selling the home and keeping the land, creating a lonnie deal and keeping the land, L/O on the home and land, L/O on the home but not the land, etc. etc.? Lot’s o ways to make a buck with a Land home property…

Let us know how we can help,


PS - maybe “long hair” Greg will pitch in?