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I apologize if I’m asking the wrong questions at the wrong place! :slight_smile:

My husband and I are looking to buy a repo to be placed on his father’s land in New Mexico - as a vacation / retirement home.

I have found a repo that I like but I have no clue what to offer or how to go about it.

It’s listed with Vanderbilt -

Asking Price $27,900


28 x 56

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Compared to others that I’ve looked at, it’s in relatively good shape, but has vinyl siding (Hubby’s preference was Masonite).


  1. I’m reading about back taxes and lot rent - how do I find out if there are any outstanding amounts due?

  2. I understand the house is ‘as is’ and I need to arrange to have it moved at my expense. How long do I have to get it moved?

  3. Also, about what would be the norm for a bid on this house and can I expect Vanderbilt to counter if it is not enough? I realize having not seen it, it is hard for someone to advise in this regard, but I just have no clue or idea where to even start.

Thanks in advance for any help, ideas, tips!


This is not really the right forum for an end buyer but…

Go to the county auditor’s office where the home is located and find out the back taxes owed. Go to the park or landowner and ask what lot rent is owed. Find out the FULL cost of dismantling, land preparation, move and setup. Offer only what you are willing to pay. If that is $6K, 10K or 22K, its your call.

Frequently the homes go up for auction by Vanderbilt. Find out from them IF and when that is happening. Vanderbilt may not counter an offer. If you lose it, keep looking.


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