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 I'm posting here because I need answers regarding the many issues encountered in the process of placing a manufactured home on a private property. It has been very difficult to find help and this forum seems to have knowledgeable users providing very useful advice so I hope you can offer me some help and advice even though it is not related to parks.

First of all, I am not the owner of the property or the manufactured home. My uncle and his wife are. I only became involved in order to help them out with this issue.

In March 2020 my uncle and his wife met a manufactured home contractor through an acquaintance at a party. As they got to know each other a little more, he began to convince my uncle about the benefits of placing a manufactured home on his 1 acre property in unincorporated Los Angeles County, CA . The contractor kind of brainwashed him with the idea of how quickly he could re-coup the money spent on the home and the great investment opportunity with the rising rents here in southern California. My uncle, a flooring contractor himself, with 30 years experience checked out the MH contractor’s history and found that everything was in order. The contractor was fully licensed and bonded by the state of California, so he went ahead and purchased a 1980 Double Wide for $21,000 ($11,000 cash deposit, $5,000 check after delivery and installation and $5,000 yet to be paid. The final amount to be paid once MH was fully permitted with a certificate of occupancy).

Recent changes in Los Angeles County and California have made it legal to place Additional Dwelling Units, (ADU) on private properties with existing homes, provided they have the lot space. As they began the process of obtaining the permits, everything was going well. My uncle and the contractor were both on board to begin the process. The site plans were approved in December 2020. Soils reports were approved in February 2021. Contractor provided foundation plans to dept. of public works. Then in March of 2021, the problems began. The civil engineer assigned to our case was requesting the manufacturer’s manual and manufacturer’s floor plans from the home. Contractor sent documentation, but engineer said they were not correct and to please submit new accurate documnents.

After that, contractor stopped responding to the civil engineer and also stopped answering my calls and replying to my emails. This went on for several months and left me no option but to file a complaint with the contractor’s state license board. As I was preparing all the necessary documentation to provide the mediator of my complaint, I became aware that the manufactured home’s title was not in either my name or the contractor’s name. I do not know if this was a violation of the law. How could the contractor have sold a MH that was not titled to him? I also recently became aware that a manufactured home must be registered by the DMV and be insured in order to be transported via highway. The contractor most likely did not do this as well.

The manufactured home is currently situated on steel piers on native soil on my uncle’s property. The soils report recommended it to be placed on a foundation. This means that the MH would have to be moved a minimum of 2 more times before the process is complete. Contractor is obligated to do this per the contract which stated he would not receive final $5,000 until MH was fully permitted with a certificate of occupancy.

So as you can see, this whole situation has developed into a huge headache for my uncle and for me. So far, we are awaiting contact from the mediator as well as from the dept. of Housing and Community development for what to do next. I’d appreciate any advice or information you guys could provide to help us solve this issue.


Please define MH contractor? You mean a MH dealer? Site plan is required for a MH in CA? Who’s name is it in then?


The manufactured home was purchased from a contractor with a California C47 Manufactured Housing and C-61 / D34 - Prefabricated Equipment License. Valid and current. The site plan was sent to regional planning to simply show where on the property the manufactured house is situated and if it is adequate distance from the main house, streets and neighbours. A title search conducted with the California Department of Housing and Community development showed that it was currently titled to someone residing at a trailer park. Possibly the location from where it was transported from to my uncle’s property.

The County of Los Angeles is not going to approve a 1980s MH on your property.
While it is possible to do what you are trying to do it’s hardly worth it.

There are two main types of Manufactured Homes. HUD homes and Local Code homes. A 1980’s Mobile Home is a HUD home. HUD homes are meant to be placed in a Park. A HUD home follows Federal and State guidelines. A local Codes home AKA a Modular Home is Site-specific. IE a Modular Home for San Diego County is not the same home as a Home for the City of Redding.

What you are trying to do will take a few extra steps. You will need to hire a structural engineer and have him inspect the home. He will need to compare the existing home to the local requirements. Then he will need to draft plans to show how the home can be brought up to local code.

You may be better off just buying a new modular that meets all the local codes.

Here are somethings you may have to do.

  1. Install a new roof. The roof will likely need to have a new truss system that allows for additional insulation.
  2. Install Eaves.
  3. Retrofit the exterior walls with 2x4’s or 2x6’s so the appropriate amount of insulation can be installed.
  4. Completely reside the exterior for fire codes.
  5. All new windows for fire codes (dual pane and tempered glass)
  6. Install Fire Sprinkler system
  7. Upgrade all electrical system (most MH are 50 amp)

I hope this is helpful. My guess is the contractor you hired has never done this before or he would know these requirements.

In all my years I have only seen one MH put on a individual lot. I watch the whole process. It took the guy over a year to get the home up to snuff.


Thank You SDGuy for the useful information. I showed your post to my uncle , but he is quite stubborn and still wants to see it through.

I do have an update on this situation. Filing a complaint with the Contractor’s State License Board actually worked. The MH contractor called my uncle (both parties received a letter to solve the dispute or else a mediator gets involved) and gave a list of excuses as to why there was no contact over the last 6 months and that he is now on board.

My personal research led me to identify the manufactured home through its HUD label using the IBTS website. It was built by Skyline Homes. I found maufacturer’s manuals online, though they are recent ones and submitted them to Los Angeles County.

They are still requesting actual floor plans. Can we hire an architect to draw these up or do we need an engineer? Anyone know?

I will continue to update my posts and keep everyone informed on this whole process.

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Great news.
I hope you get it solved.