Help new to MH investing

Hi iv’e purchased the book deals on wheels by Lonnie Scruggs and im interested in getting into mobile home investing the problem is I live in New,York City( no mobile home parks) Im looking to invest in North Carolina,Va,South Carolina do i need i Lic to buy/sell used Mobile homes in these area’s??? how can i find out? if i do how do I obtain a lic while living in New,York City??? i’ve saved 5k to invest

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Thanks Dale for the reply(and help) quick question I have a friend who lives in NC( North carolina) who works on houses ( he’s starting his own mang. company) would it make sence to pursue to do business from NYC? im checking on prices on mobile homes in the area inwhich he lives Thanks Kevin

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I live in NC, and also have a park in SC. Might be able to do something together? You can email me at Good luck whatever youn do. I love this business. Jon.