HELP ! I have a sales question

I signed a contract to sell a mobile home in florida to close in 30 days it was a cash sale. The broker recieved the money in full from the buyer for the full price, paid my mortgage off. Pay off was about 50% of total sale, to SunTrust Bank.

The broker says I will not recieve any money until they have titles from Mortgage company and I sign them. 30 days is well over and I am still waiting to be paid, the broker gave the keys to the home to the purchaser weeks ago when she paid for the home and moved in.

He said the deal was closed and sales agreement was completed and my not recieving funds was irrevelent!!

Is this proper? I am contemplating hiring an attorney but that cost money. Anybody advise me on what if anything to do? Or should I just keep waiting? I have recieved a notice from Suntrust that the note was paid in full a few weeks ago.

Thanks in advance.


Based on what you have said the buyer is still waiting for legal title. The broker appears to playing the money god role. This is not legal in CA and as a real estate broker you could lose your license. What has the broker done with your part of the $$? I would see an attorney ASAP

The broker said he is holding funds until buyer recieves the titles, the mortgage company sent a satisfaction of the lien three weeks ago.

I am going to contact an attorney, I am in Florida.