Help Filling Vacancies-Deals on Wheels-Burnet TX


I bought my first investment property last year. It is a mobile home/RV park that has 20 spaces for mobile and 20 for RV.

I have cleaned it up and and now need help filling it.

Where can I find people that would place homes in the park, as I do not have the cash to do this right now.

We would provide a bulk discount and property managment in your rent!

Advice on reaching these people or getting new homes in park is appreciated.



Located in Burnet, TX 3 miles from the center of town on HWY 281

No zoning in the area, and lots are approximately 40 x 85 feet

Seeking 6-7 Used homes with no age restriction if they are in good shape, but 90’ or newer would be nice.

Lot rent is $225 and includes Water, Sewer, and Trash.

Market rent is about $650 for a 3/2 and we get calls daily looking for rentals. We would provide property management for anyone renting 3 or more spaces. Pictures at

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your Park located? What year homes do you want? How many and how many a month? Age restrictions in your County? Size restrictions? doubles or singles? Why doesn’t your friend fill the Park with his homes?

We can’t help you without more info.

Greg Meade