Hello from a new member


Real Estate Investor from Maria Stein, OH.

Currently own/manage 5 unit multifamily
Limited partner in a syndication

Looking for 25-50 space, value-add (operational-turnaround), family MHP near large metro with city water/sewer. TOH preferred.

Interested in networking and meeting with other MHP investors and open to equity partnership.

Little bit about me:

Currently reading 10/20 MHP investment system and listening to Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast

Just finished reading Park Place by Tony Ferris and New Investor’s Guide to Owning a MHP by Laura Cochran

Currently working as an Optometrist 6 days a week.


Create passive income to replace living expenses so I can vacation once a month, take a picture with my wife in front of the Eiffel tower, have the opportunity to take a jog at 2 Pm in the afternoon, buy Dallas Cowboys season tickets and take my 2 kids to Disneyland.

My personal cell is 419 733 9395
Would love to chat about MHP investing!


Welcome :). I highly suggest attending the bootcamp as a next step in learning the biz.

Ty Perrault


I love doing this when it’s beautiful out and all the “working stiffs” are at their day jobs.


Welcome Tyler, apart from the occupation it sounds like we’re pursuing the same goals and initial MHC acquisition (I’m in Michigan, but pursuing Michigan/Ohio/Indiana area 30-50 pad public utility community). This is the best forum I’ve ever come across and I was lucky enough to find a great mentor here who’s been invaluable advising me as I search for my first property and ensuring I miss no red flags.

They’re a bit outdated (mainly regarding POH to TOH conversion notes as they were written before SAFE/Dodd Frank), but I also found the following books to be extremely helpful:

  1. Mobile Home Wealth Part 2 (Part 1 is about the homes, part 2 is about parks) - Zalman Velvel (available on Amazon Kindle).
  2. How to Find, Buy, Manage and Sell a Manufactured Home Community - George Allen (out of print and not on kindle, but worth the investment for a used copy).

The park street partners and mobile home university (Sunrise Capital) podcasts are also phenomenal assets.

I have not attend the boot camp yet (need to do so later this year), but consensus is it’s worth every penny.

Feel free to give me a call sometime, while we haven’t made our first acquisition yet it’s clear this is a great niche with a great community of helpful investors. 248-763-9983.

Will Nance

Thank-you for the tip. I’ve heard great things about the boot camp and plan to attend in the future.

Thank-you for the book and podcast recommendations!
I will be sure to check them out and give you a call.

@TylerSpeelman Great to meet you Tyler! My company finances MHC assets, email me anytime at tfleming@axillacapital.com if you want to run any deals by me.

Best of luck to you and happy hunting!

Thank-you for the message! I will save your contact info and will be in touch.

Welcome. I also would recommend the boot camp. Just did the Charleston boot camp and it was worth every dollar. I’d also recommend the recordings on MHU from Frank.

Good to hear. I am currently planning on the boot camp in Pittsburgh July 12,13 and 14. I will check out the recordings on MHU from Frank - thanks for recommending!

Hi Tyler,
Welcome! I’m a new member as well, and like you, I’ve been spending time watching the various videos by and about Frank and Dave. and also some of the other MHP investing websites, and reading this forum and its been fun and informative. Have been considering doing the boot camp as its so highly recommended by folks on this site.
We’re hoping to find and purchase our first park soon - best of luck to you on your search.

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hello tyler … I am looking for myfirst park also after lurking and reading for a couple of years, I was sidetracked with family obligations.

I have capital set aside to invest and presently looking for parks within driving distance from Memphis tn so MO, ARK, OH, are markets I prefer. I would also welcome a discussion on working together as I believe it helps to have supporting skill sets.

Lets talk

Sounds good! Would love to chat about MHP investing. Are you available to chat on Friday at 4:15 Pm eastern standard time? My cell is 4197339395, I can give you a call at your convenience if you message me your number and let me know what time works best.

hell tyler … I am out of town at the moment, hence the delay in responding. I will be available to speak early next week if that works for you. I am in CST.


Could we chat on Wednesday, May 1 at 4:00 Pm Central time?

My Cell is 4197339395.

Please give me your number and I can plan on calling you.