Hello from a new member!

Hello -
I’m new here and wanted to introduce myself. I’ve lived in the Midwest all of my life, am a few months shy of becoming a ‘Golden Buckeye’ and married for @35 years with two adult children who live close by. We are interested in purchasing a small family owned business that we can pass along to our children and found this forum while searching the web for ideas. I’ve spent most of the past few days reading posts from the past year or so and listening to Frank on podcast and YouTube - what a wealth of information and experience is in this online community!
My hope is that we will soon be able to join you as MHP owners and share our experiences with others as you are doing.



Good luck Terri! The MHU stuff is a great place to start.

Good luck, and thanks for joining us!

You’ll find this to be the friendliest and most supportive Forum on the internet. Mobile home park owners are one of the nicest groups on the planet, and we’re all proud of this strange business we’re in. So we’ll all try to help you as best we can!


My advice is Don’t Do it. I have had both my Park and rental houses for over 40 years. Appreciation and quality of tenants (for me) has been 10 times better with the rental houses, than the Park. All the regulations, maintenance, headaches, have also been much more with the Park. I probably have 20 hours of personal labor into the Park for every 1 hour I have in the rental houses. The Park has gone up 3 times in value, the rental house have gone up 15 times their original purchase price over the past 40 years.

Thank you for the welcomes and for sharing advice . I want to hear both the good and the bad experiences to help inform my decisions.

Terri, welcome to the forum. I was in your shoes a few years ago. Park business has been great.