Heating for older mobile homes


Some of my older units have propane gas and the tenants cannot afford to fill up the propane tanks at $450 per fill up. Therefore the gas units do not rent well and those that are in them struggle to keep heat in their homes. Does anyone know of an efficient, affordable electric heater that can be used to heat older mobile homes. I have read about hydrosil heaters and they sound good but does anyone have experience with them in mobile homes?

Winter is almost here and I need to figure out how to get the gas units rented or affordably convert them to all electric.

We just discussed this below under “Heat or No Heat”

I too live in an area where all electric sells better than gas. I have converted to electric furnaces-MH supply stores carry them, and upgrade the breaker panel to 200 amp. 15kw furnace with duct connector $436, 200 amp panel with breakers $130. approx 6 man hours.

i have had good luck with electric baseboard. it is pretty cheap and easy to install. they have a thermostat on each baseboard heater, and you can turn off a room when not using it (bedrooms), and they seem to be cost affective from the tenants point of view as well.