Heat tape on tenant owned homes

Okay I know I make this thread every winter, but I feel like I still haven’t found the magic bullet for this dilemma.

I have a lower end park where some of the tenants are irresponsible. I will definitely send out a letter to all residents that they need to heat tape their homes. Ultimately though some won’t do it, and therein lies the dilemma. I can:
-Do the heat tape for them and bill them back
-Give them another notice, and that when their pipes freeze they need to call a plumber and we won’t have anything to do with it
-Give them another notice, but cave in once they come complaining that their pipes are frozen, and help them get unfrozen and bill them back for it.

Any thoughts from other park owners with parks in cold climates?

My community is in Ontario Canada and is in sub zero weather 4 months of the year. Water lines above ground are the responsibility of the residents to maintain. Period.
You appear to be far too involved in the lives of your residents if you feel some how responsible for maintaining their homes. I do not see where the dilemma for you is when a residents pipes freeze.
I believe even sending out a reminder is beyond your responsibility but if you feel it is necessary-------

Dear Residents. Winter is approaching and as such we feel it necessary to remind you that water lines above ground are your responsibility to protect from freezing. Heat tapes are necessary to insure your water supply is maintained. In the event your lines should freeze do not call us - call a plumber. In the event you should chose to call us you will be billed a flat rate of $200 to determine your water line is frozen. You will then be instructed to contact a plumber. We do not clear residents frozen lines. All associated costs of hiring a plumber will be the responsibility of the home owner.

Stupid lazy people need to pay for their behaviour. If $200 is not a sufficient deterrent increase that amount accordingly until the financial pain teaches the lesson.