Heat for trailer

I have an older trailer in my park that has no furnace or ducting. Should I have an HVAC contractor install a new furnace and duct system? Or is there a less costly - but effective - option?

The least costly and reasonably effective option will be window units blowing A/C and heat - I assume there are window units there already for A/C. The 220v models have good longevity and can handle larger areas, but you may have to run new electric lines to do this, which would eat into cost. You can pick up these units for about 400-500 dollars each for larger units and they’re simple to install - either have the manager install them with someone or have a handyman do it for about $75 per unit. They’re heavy…

I looked at a ductless split system too, but there seem to be concerns with these systems over cycling in an inefficient home. Reliability seems to be a concern too - most think they’re a good augmentation solution instead of main system.

On the system I am having replaced next week I have existing ductwork and am having a heat pump packaged unit put in to replace the old one for under 3K. It’s not the cheapest route, but I don’t want window units on my property. I had to shop this really hard too - many people wanted 5K or more to do the work, which is ridiculous. I probably could have had new ductwork installed for another 1K, but that would have included ripping out the old metal stuff and hauling it off. It may not be as bad for just putting stuff in. If you have insulation underneath this home it’s going to get messed up as part of this process, so factor that in too.

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If there was never a heating system installed is there any need to have one now.
Where is it located, do you require air conditioning. If cooling is not necessary why
not install electric base board heating.