Health Insurance

We are fast coming to the end of our COBRA. Our health insurance under that cost us about $850 per month.

We have been able to get insurance with the same company under a small group plan through our management company. This insurance, which is basically the same policy we currently have, is costing about $1,250 per month. The drawback to this particular insurance is that we must go back to the county in Florida where the health insurance company is located to get normal medical attention. (Emergency attention is available anywhere.) The national company that quoted had rates even higher than what we are about to pay.

How are other people attaining health insurance? Are you getting it through real estate or other professional organizations? Are you buying it as individuals? Or have you also formed management companies so assist with the cost?

Ellen,about a year ago my wife and I switched to a $10,000 annual deductable plan $5,000,000 lifetime 100% (no co-pays)with an HSA. I’m 45, Denise is 44. $165 per month. We were paying $425 month w $2500 deductable each person then 80/20 on first $50,000 + $1600 per hospital stay. So, as you can see the higher deductable isn’t in reality, much higher. I like it! I shopped online.

Great question Ellen.

I don’t mean to criss cross the websites and would not post such a link otherwise but this topic has been discussed in such great detail and such great info (107 results just under the “health insurance” search) at cre.

There is no way for me to get all that info to you otherwise and I do think it is that important so I hope Steve, Greg, Corey etc. will understand.

Try this link or try the search and go from there.

Hope it helps.