He Wants To Go After ME

Back in June home owner smells gas, calls a plumber who ends up putting in all new gas lines in the home.

Plumber submits to home owner an invoice for $1,000.

Home owner never pays, stops taking phone calls from plumber and it becomes clear to plumber that home owner is a deadbeat.

Plumber calls my manager and tells her that he is going to his attorney who is going to go after the home owner and poor me, since the home is on my property.

Does plumber have a case?

Tell him to pound sand. Unless you called or authorized the work NO WAY does he have a leg to stand on.

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I would tell him also to pound salt.
He only has a case against the home owner.
If his lawyer sends you a threatening letter ignore it, do not respond

Cost more to sue than the amount of damages. That’s a small claims court case.

The plumber doesn’t have a case and I wouldn’t be worried (unless the manager gave authorization or there’s more the story here)

If it were me though I would still call the plumber and be polite about it and try to at least soften the blow. (ie let him know the park has to give authorization to be on the hook for any repairs and talk things through politely). The relationship may be unsalvageable, but I try to avoid burning bridges with skilled contractors whenever I can - you never know if it’s going to be Christmas day and you have a massive water main break and he’s the only plumber answering his phone…