Having to replace water meters with lead free ones

It looks like I am going to have to replace the metal water meters in my 100 space park in North Dakota with plastic/composite meters that are lead free. Is anyone else having to do this? What meters are you using?



We are using Minomess 130s right now.

But definitely us the search button on this website for ‘water meter’ and you’ll find a lot of previous discussion on water meters (and I believe they are all lead-free).

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One of our communities is metered by the local water utility. All of the homes have meters now provided by the water utility. Since it is a private system they are making us master meter the community and either purchase the existing meters and equipment or install our own.the water utility can only sell them for their depreciated value, only 5% per year.The price of the used meters is about 85% of new meters. I would prefer to buy the existing meters but if the price isn’t around 50%, it doesn’t make sense for us. The existing meters are brass, will I be required to change them in a couple years? I apologize for hyjacking this post but my concern is buying a brass meter and having to replace them anyway.


I am no expert on this, but if you google “epa lead in water meters” you can begin to find out. I don’t know about brass, but copper is definitely an issue. Also, your water utility should be entirely up on this issue, since the new low lead ruling is nationwide…

Installed meters are grandfathered in, it is just when they need to be replaced that you must upgrade to lead free…

Almost everything they sell these days is plastic or brass. With plastic you’d need some sort of sleeve or box for the cold up in ND or spend the extra $ on the brass. There’s a supplier on here that the guys recommend on the resources tab.

Side note - how are things up there? I read that rents are comparable to NYC/SF in certain parts of North Dakota with all the oil up there. Wish I would have seen that coming!