Have Any Tips & Advise for Running a Test Ad?

I am looking at a 38 lot park in central IL that has a lot of upside if there is any demand in the little town which it is in. I thought this is clearly a case for a test ad.

Could you please share any advise you may have?
What kind of response would you be looking for at minimum? I will, in time, need to fill 12 lots.
Where would you run it besides Facebook Marketplace?
What about the text? Short and simple or do a longer sales pitch?

Here are some facts about the deal:
Current rent: $250, monthly net (if all 26 are paying) $6,500.
Competitive Market Rent: $375.
City water and sewer.
Medium house: $180,000.
Per student spending twice the national average.
Crime, half the national average.
Population 2,000
10 miles to two cities in different directions of 12,500 population.
17 miles to the U of L Champaign
Needs a deep clean (no big deal)
Needs about 20,000 sq ft of new roads (a big deal but I don’t know how big)

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