Has the cost of moving a home gone up?

I’m bringing a home into my middle Georgia park and am noticing the cost is MUCH higher from all the movers. A couple years ago, they charged $2,500 for a nearby single wide. Best price I can find now is $4,000.

Are other regions seeing an increase? Any insights into what might have driven this?

$4,000 is consistent with what we pay transporters in Missouri and TN. The old price was around $3,000.

Closer to $5500 here if you’re including setups. Since Feds got involved with licensing its doubled or more. Thats almost half of what some used homes are valued at. Inflation is not coming, its here.


Amen. Anyone out there have a park with a moving business side hustle?

Just got quotes ranging from $3k-4k to move single wide about 200 miles in Wisconsin.

As a matter of fact, we do. We have about 150 lots and a rent to own program with another 20 in it so we decided that if we’re going to continue doing what we are that it would be in our best interest to start moving our own homes and working for the public. Expect the price to continue climbing. Here locally in NC it was 2800-3000ish ~4yrs ago. Now going rate is 3500-4000. I quote most singlewides at 4000. The only ones I quote at 3500 are metal/metal houses with 2 or 3 axles. Vinyl/Shingle houses are more work. In the next five years with others getting out of business, we expect singlewides to start at 5000 and doubles to start at 10.

There are currently 8 setup crews and 1 transporter within an hour and a half of us that don’t exclusively work for lots (but 3 of those do 90% of their work for lots). Of those, 1 is under 45 years old (41); the rest are 55+ and several are in their 60s. In the 5 years that I’ve been in this business, I’ve watched 4 guys retire and close up shop and there has been one crew to start up to replace them: us.

There is a tremendous opportunity in moving and setting homes but don’t think it’ll be easy. You’ll need to shadow a mover, you can’t learn this in a textbook. During the 6-9 months I’d recommend shadowing them you’ll also be buying all your equipment. We got started with about 70k in capital and a loan for 110k but we also spent every dime we made the first 3 months buying all the things we needed but couldn’t afford initially. Really you’ll want about 250-300k to get started and get the vehicles you need.