Has anyone used realtor lockboxes on homes for sale

I get so many potential buyers who call when in the park and want to see homes on the spot that I am considering using realtor lock boxes

With subscription many of them have the ability to change the access code remotely, assigning a new code daily and you can

I have a lot of homes for sale currently and our busy tax refund season will be coming up just when I will be down south for a much needed long vacation. I don’t want to miss out on any opportunity to sell the current inventory because I’m planning to bring in more homes as soon as the weather breaks.

This park is in a low crime area. I don’t have a greeter onsite, and my recent attempt to find one was a failure. So I’m thinking of using these lock boxes as well as printed brochures touting all the features of the homes in order to make the home available for showing.

I don’t want to use a realtor as that has been a failure in the past (they show my homes and then use them as a comparison for getting the clients into some of the lower priced homes in our area. )

Have any of you used these boxes and if so, what make?

what are the advantages or drawbacks?

We just leave our houses open during the day with a stack of applications on the kitchen counter and instructions on how to get them back to the on-site manager.

That said, there are a number of iPhone-enabled remote locks that have caught our eye like August Smart Lock, Lockitron, Schlage, Goji, Kevo Kwikset:

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Don’t do the lockbox. Someone will steal the key within the first couple of days, and then you have to change the lock. Much easier to either have the manager show the home or do as Jefferson suggests. Keep the key always under your control.