Has anyone used 21st Mortgage

Hey everyone,

I am looking to buy my first MHP but filling it seems like the biggest hurdle. Although it cashflows now it has a significant amount of vacant lots. I read about 21st Mortgage and they seem to have a program where you can use their capital to place mobile homes. Has anyone used their system for this beofre?

Thank you!

I used them to fill my first park in Maine. I brought in about 12-14 new homes under the CASH Program

Can you explain the details along with the pro’s and con’s.


The 21st mortgage website will have the current details of the program.


  • No money out of pocket to buy & transport a new home to your park.
  • They reimburse you for the setup costs
  • Friendly team of people


  • You essentially co-sign the loan with your customer for 3 years
  • Very limited on what you’re allowed to mark up the home
  • High fees and interest rates
  • Cumbersome paperwork.

It’s a good program, they definitely helped me get my start and fill up empty lots much quicker than I could have done otherwise at the time.

Do you still participate in their program?

Is there a better program available elsewhere?

What manufacturer(s) did you purchase mobile homes from?

Any advice you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Hi Dean, I have used them and the pros and Cons listed are accurate.

Once you get signed up you can talk with a rep about the manufacturers they have experience with and as stated, they are friendly and informative.

To give you some free advice, I would do the hard part first and find a park worth buying and then try to figure if 21st is a good option.

Happy Hunting!


I participate in their program at one of my parks. There are no other programs like this available to me in New England that I’m familiar with. I’m a dealer for 5 different manufacturers but I’ve purchased Titan and Marlette through the CASH program specifically. No reason for that other than they were able to get me homes when I needed them.

@Dean8367 JoelE is right, 21st Mortgage individually underwrites each park so there’s no guarantee that any one park will be accepted into the program. I have 2 parks in the same city, within 3 miles of each other. My first park was accepted into the program but my second park which could arguably be considered superior to the first park was not accepted due to certain nuances of my seller financing contract with the seller. It’s best to ask them about a specific park if you have one and get answers based on the specific property.

As for manufacturers, your best bet is to buy from which ever plant(s) are closest to your location due to the shipping costs.

I spent HOURS filling out all their paperwork.
Tax Returns, Deeds, blah, blah, blah…
I ended up not doing it. It was a TOTAL pain.

If the State you are doing business in requires a dealer’s license then you will need to get one of those as well.

Long Story short. I gave up.

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Yes, we use 21st. They are a great partner of ours. There are pros and cons, but we have sites that would be vacant if they did not exist. I think your question should be: do I have a site that would be filled if 21st provided service to me that I could not fulfill without them? If the answer is yes, then work with them, and take the cons as a cost of doing business.

I inquired with 21st about a year ago as I have vacant lots I need to fill. They said I needed at least $500,000 in cash as back up. I told them if I had that then I would not need them!


All good points made here. The anatomy scan and various bodily fluid samples required to get set up with them is killer. The mountain of paperwork and minimum of six months to get set up is very discouraging.

You’re limited to a 10% markup on the home when you sell it. If it costs you 60k to buy the home and set it up then you can only sell it for 66k. You’re paying interest against that sale price the day the house hits your lot from the factory. It’s structured so that if that house sits for 6 months then your profit in the home is reduced to zero. Filling a lot is great but you’re essentially taking on a partner when you work with them. You have to decide whether you’re okay with that or not.

To their credit, they’re not bad to work with once you’re set up.

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