Has anyone set up a credit line at a hardware store for managers who rehab?

We have managers that we pay extra to rehab homes.  When we purchase materials, the store has to call us and we supply our credit card number.  Has anyone set up some type of store credit / credit card for a situation like this?  Is there type of credt card where the store just calls you before the manger can buy something with it?  Just looking for ideas.  Thanks!

We’ve done just that.  We’ve set it up so our Manager has to call to approve a vendor going in and getting something.  We had a vendor who was a petty criminal and was getting things for her own home even after we fired her.  So make sure there are some controls, and have the itemized bills sent to you for payment every month. Setting up an account will, on the whole, be a positive thing for your community and will lessen the amount of time you have to spend getting on the phone to pay with a credit card.  You’ve got better things to do with your time.Good luck, -jl-

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