Has anyone gotten insurance on a Splash Pad? How much was it?

Any owners of Spash Pads out there? How much did they cost to insure?

I am closing on a 103 lot park in Ohio in the next 30 days. Am considering adding a Splash Pad next spring. I’ve gotten two quotes for insurance, but when I asked about Splash Pads they didn’t really know what they were, and after sending them photos, didn’t seem too interested in insuring one. One company was the current insurance company, the other was Kurt Kelley who is recommended by MHU. Possibly the agent I spoke to was not very knowledgeable so I asked her to elevate the request to Kurt Kelley. The agent asked if I knew any other parks that had Splash Pads and I said no but I would ask on the forum (so I am asking here).

By the way it would be the type of Splash Pad that does not re-circulate the water, but lets it soak into the ground.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.


Mobile Insurance is checking for you. We have posed this question to all our park specialty insurance company program managing underwriters. So far, we’ve received word that a few will, and a few others (like the one you have a quote with) have changed their mind and will do it now, but want to confirm some specifics about the “Splash pad.” Keys are a surface that isn’t concrete and non-recycled water. Expect an additional charge similar to a swimming pool charge. However, the maintenance expense will be a lot less. Kurt