Has Anyone been to the bootcamp?

I am trying to decide if I should go to a bootcamp or not. Is it worth going to? Has anyone bought a MHP after going to the bootcamp? If so how is the MHP doing? I have bought the home study course but I am thinking I need to go to the bootcamp to ask Dave and Frank all my questions in person and to bring my husband to get on the same page.
Thanks in advance!

@meganbridgette , as per your post:

  • “Has anyone been to the bootcamp?”

Yes, both my Husband and I have been to the Boot Camp multiple times together.

Yes, both you and your Husband should go to the Boot Camp together.

My Husband and I did the following:

  • Purchased A Home Study Course
  • Purchased A Mobile Home Park
  • Attended Boot Camp
  • Purchased Another Mobile Home Park

Frank does all the presenting for the Boot Camp. Frank is hilarious and engaging.

Love, Love, Love the Boot Camp and Frank!

My Husband just said that it is like a “Harvard Education” and he is exactly correct!


@meganbridgette Yes, it worth every penny to go there to learn how not to make expensive mistake. In my case, I saved myself from investing in 99,000 mobile home park with 10 lots and only 2-3 occupied lots. Numbers made sense for me originally with seller financing. However, I invested 2500+ in my education and went to the bootcamp. After a year or so, I purchased my first 41 lots mobile home park


I also did things backwards.

I bought a park
bought home study
went to boot camp

Not only for mobile home parks but for any real estate investing and business training, that Ive spent close to $100,000 on over the years. I tell everyone, the Boot Camp was the greatest value I have ever invested in.

Why ---- because it taught what not to do. You typically go to training and learn what & how to do. Well, Frank/Brandon & Dave share what NOT to do.

I left so confident after the second day of training, that I made an offer on a second park that same evening. I havent got that park becuase they overpriced the park but I am patiently waiting for them to drop the price to the $150,000 less that I offered.

If that doesnt work its ok, I in my regular real estate investing nor my MHP investing will ever apologize for not overpaying for either a home or a park.

It was the confidence to do so, that confirmed the value in the training!!

Go to the boot camp…


Wow, thank you all for the replies! I feel confident now that I am going to go to the bootcamp. Such a great feeling that I have all of you on my side and If I have any questions you guys will be there. Thanks again!

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Too many real estate or other business seminars are covers for some hidden motive or sales presentation. The Boot Camp isn’t that. It’s an intense and consistent delivery of valuable information - in fact, it can be like drinking from a firehose sometimes. Don’t count on a lot of time off to read and relax. You’ll learn what Frank and Dave did that was smart, and not so smart, as well as their assessments of all types of opportunities. The Boot Camps are apply named.

One tip - get there early and claim a good seat. The rooms do fill.


I never been in bootcamp but I will soon :slight_smile:


If you plan on buying a park, definitely go to the bootcamp. I’ve gone to three of them. I purchased a park a year ago; paid $1.75M and is now ‘valued’ at $2.3M.


Yes - you absolutely should if you’re serious about MHPs - Frank is the real deal, pure valuable content and no BS upselling guru stuff. He needs to start charging more

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This is a great question, because it is a big outlay of time, effort and money. For the record, I used to present at the bootcamps when they first started.
Here is my skinny- These bootcamps are pure gold for several reasons.

  1. The materials you get are real. You can find, buy and operate a park with the materials you get. That alone pays for the ticket.
  2. You get to hear from a real person, you can interact with how the whole process works. Frank is a great teacher.
  3. You get to interact with LOTS of like minded people who also attend the bootcamp. This is VERY important- you share direction, goals and you have a INSTANT peer group.
  4. You get to visit some parks and walk them with someone that knows what to look for.

In short- Go- GO- GO


The bootcamp is an incredibly valuable experience, so much so I’ve been twice!

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What’s the valuation based on? Income-based or appraiser? Just curious how others are getting their valuations.

Like some others here I did things backwards. I bought the park and then a couple months later attended the bootcamp(in October 2017). After going through the camp I can honestly say that I would have paid more for it. The information is incredibly valuable. They really focus more on how to save you from making a million dollar mistake than how to make a million dollars.


Im a nerd and have gone 3 times. I mean when they are in town and its only an hour away, how can you pass up seeing Brandon and Frank? Its also pretty cheap if you return ( probably barely covers your seat cost) and think that may currently be a perk of the investors club if you are a part of it. One thing i like to , is while most of the principles are the same , they do update certain things or might have a new speaker. So if you have the chance to go , you can learn new stuff ( yes even the experienced guys!) and you get to network with other people ( where else on the planet can you meet a big room full of other people talking parks ( aside from this forum !) ) .


I went this past July. All of the information is true, factual, real life, real word, with no sugar coating. There is zero upselling for anything. Frank and Brandon are accessible any time day or night and will answer any and all questions. I got the chance to have lunch with Kurt Kelly and also met MJ Vukovich who gave a presentation on financing parks. Kurt also gave an information talk about insurance. The networking is also second to none.


I’ve been twice. Frank is the encyclopedia of MH Parks. This is besides the fact he is as entertaining as a stand up comic! The price for going the second time is nominal and hard to pass up.

Not yet! But planning to go soon.

For any and all…there were times when my eyes glazed over…and there were times when I sat up straight in my chair and took note. There were also limitless networking ops. I felt a bit of pain when paying for the boot camp. But I am not in the least regretting kit.

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I am in the favor of boot camp.

The education and networking is excellent. Absolutely worth the expense.

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