Has anybody ever used these techniques to improve a park?

I saw this article when browsing another website and all the techniques listed seem a little strange. Has anyone ever used them to any degree of success? Or have they ended in disaster? 

There is nothing wrong with the"yard of the month" concept, but the others are awful and your insurance agent is not going to be a fan of them, that’s for sure. More importantly, none of those have any impact on improving your park’s net income. That’s just a really, really bad article that probably came from having nothing better to write about – kind of like the Side B on a record where they are just trying to make some noise to fill the space.

The guy that wrote that article got me interested in parks.  I saw a youtube video he made on making money in what I now know as Lonnie deals.  In any event, I didn’t like his investment strategy for a multitude of reasons, but I recognized the opportunity in being the guy he was paying monthly.

I can only imagine what would happen at an “ice cream social” at some of the parks I’ve seen in the Southeast

This list is more like WHAT NOT TO DO in your park!

Lyle, the Community Watch Program and Yard Of The Month would probably be positive additions to your MHP.  However, we have not tried either of them as of yet.This weekend we did have a Tenant text us a picture of their mobile home with the following:-  New Pavers leading to their Front Steps-  2 new plants at the front of their MH-  New flowers on the side of their MHThis was an unsolicited text from the Tenant.  The Tenant was proud of their accomplishments and wanted to show it off.  That is great that the Tenant wanted to make their landscaping better.Now as for the remainder of the ‘list’ I would stay away from any and all ‘gathering’ of your Tenants.  If you get just one unhappy Tenant, that one unhappy Tenant could contaminate the rest of your Tenants.  I would not give your unhappy Tenant the opportunity to taint the rest of your Tenants.  If the unhappy Tenant wants to spread their unhappiness, let them do it on their own as that would take way more effort than they probably want to use.


In all my experience, most tenants already feel enrolled in the “Community Watch Program” :smile:

The Yard of the Month is a nice approach. How much do you give as reward for selected tenant on a monthly basis?