Happy valentines day

Happay Valentines day

I haven’t been through the whole process yet but I’m assuming due diligence and closing will eat up the ten thousand.

Buying mobile homes probably has little to do with the actual park business as a whole and is not typically profitable.

You could however, look at, evaluate and learn how to bird dog or assign a couple parks to raise significant capital.

If you have not ordered the home course which is about 1k, then I would start there.

Good luck

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I’m certainly not advocating you do this but I did want to point out a few solutions to your capital issue:

  1. Credit Cards
  2. Personal Loans
  3. Personal Lines of Credit

Again, not advocating it but I got started in single family with a credit card. I also believe Dave bought his first park by cash advancing credit cards. If you go down this road, you’ll pretty much be stuck doing your first deal with seller financing.

I’ll also point out that you would be 10x better off doing a 1-4 unit single family over 2 mobile homes inside of parks. Neither one cash flows very well but at least single family sometimes appreciates in value.

what everyone is telling you is that you don’t have enough capital to invest.

Doing one home in a Park is a fine way to get familiar with mobile homes. But as others have said this will not be a home run investment and would mostly be educational value.

Seems like your the only person here that speaks english. thanks

if you have the will then find a way. It’s very easy to give up just because you can’t easily find a deal ( like I deal with ) or someone tells you it can’t be done.

if you like it straight then it seems like you want someone to give you an excuse why you shouldn’t try.

A better question would be, " does anyone have experience starting in this industry with 10k?"