Handling tenant complaints


Does anyone have a system of handling tenant complaints? Legitimate complaints like ‘the neighbors dog barks all the time’ is easy to handle because noisy pets are a violation of the lease.

What I’m looking for is help on the borderline complaints, or the really stupid complaints (like the lightpole is too bright or the neighbor parks his car 6" too far from the curb).

What’s the best way to handle complaints that really have little to do with anything. Of course we’d all like to say go take a looney pill, but I’m looking for something a bit more diplomatic that perhaps gives the tenant a feeling that I’m listening, and maybe they’ll just go away happy knowing that someone listened.

Do any of you have tenants fill out complaint forms? And if so, what do you do next on complaints that have no bearing? Or maybe it’ll be easiest to tell the tenant staight out that their complaint isn’t worth acting on.


go to mr landlord.com

they talk about stuff like this all the time - generally, respond in writing, and tack a fee on after X number of complaints from the same tenant

time is money, honey, and mine ain’t free

What a great source of info at mrlandlord.com. The site is a bit confusing to navigate, but worth the time to figure it out. Thanks!


We are either training our tenants or they are training us… Legitimate complaints, I am right on but the habitual complainer gets “The Talk”.

I explain I am there for them with legitimate probs, but I don’t need to hear the he said /she said type stuff. If it keeps up I suggest they might be happier living somewhere else.

The best set of tenants I EVER had was in Texas. I had all Mexican American tenants and in 4 years I never had the policia called or one bounced check. The rent was there the first EVERY month and a common dynamic was a tenant would bring a receipt for faucet, or shower door, or doorknob and I would give them cash for the part. a truly great tenant base. Hardworking and honest (and paid CASH)

I try to reward good tenants with simple things…Wal Mart gift card for Christmas, 40 dollar calling card, BBQ dinner, a “Thank You”.

There really are no “ideal” living conditions even if you own. Traffic, neighbors, smog, taxes, noise. If I explain this to prob tenets, they will sometimes get with the get along or get gone attitude. And sometimes they get gone.

I post like I speak (gets me in trouble a lot) and if this post offends anyone i hope it’s for the right reasons. i don’t mean to come off as a racist…the facts are the facts, and tenants from this Park in Texas still visit me here in Florida on holiday.