Had a little trouble logging in

today. Had to get a new password. I have been fighting the good fight renting up some units. Had a $100 move in for this month and have noticed some things:

people on fixed income (we love em) can never get the money saved up for first, last,dep. with this spiff, we got 6 families moved in!!!

Brings out the dregs of society…out of 21 apps, 9 active parole felons, 4 drug cases currently in court, 1 active warrant for burglary.

We rented to the best 6, 1 parolee (drunk driving), the rest we rolled the dice and the first will be the test.

We have 4 vacant out of 57…a real improvement. As my partner said at least they are full now…now if they pay lol!!



93% occupancy, way to go. Now if that physical occupancy turns into economic occupancy that will be great. Our employed tenants are having trouble making ends meet but our fixed income people are still solid. Here some counties will “cover” the deposit with a letter of guarantee.

Way to go Greg, 93% ain’t nothing to sneeze at! =) I was able to fill a true as-is where is repo LD this week, 4k purchase, $200/month for 20 months, $100 today and $400 NTL Friday. Had folks fighting over the dang thing and was the first time I’ve ever been able to sell a home truly as-is where is trash and all.

It’s been a really rough market and I’m starting to turn cold to sob stories… My next round of evictions is going to hit right at Christmas and I really don’t care. My call volume is up (even filtering through the dredges) and homes are moving, hopefully people will settle down a bit through the holidays and give us a good month.

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler

We also may have to do a holiday eviction. It sucks! But it sucks way less than being taken advantage of.

I always remind myself…we evict no one …people evict themselves by their actions… we’re just there to handle the paperwork.

Just think of it as giving yourself a Christmas present. Your property back allowing you to start making money.