Guidance on sub floor

I have a double wide with a large kitchen and the sub-floor plywood joints have swollen and started to tear the lanolin in a few places, also there are a few soft spots from and old water leak. There are no more active leaks in the home. I am thinking of cutting out the bad spots and then putting the new sub-floor 1/2 plywood right over the old sub-floor instead of having to tear all of the old sub-floor out. I would then cover it with vinyl planks. Any suggestions on what others might have done to make my job easier.

That sounds like a good plan.

We use 3/4" ply. We stay away from the particleboard.

I hear good things about the vinyl plank. We’ve not used it yet, but probably will. We have used the Beauflor product. (Lino 16’ BeauFlor Oak Plank 66D 570047C.)

We are moving away from ever doing carpet again. Tenants abuse it, and we think the numbers make sense to spend more up front for lino or plank and have fewer carpet cleaning and replacement bills in the future. Plus we think tenants like the look of wood better than carpet. It’s a win/win for everybody.

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If the existing sub floor is particle board I would strongly recomend not placing a new sub floor over top. If there are any water leaks in the future having plywood over particle board will likley end up resulting in having to remove the plywood sub floor to get rid of the resulting hump in the floor.

Either just patch the bad spot with plywood or remove all particle board and lay a new 3/4" sub floor. Placing plywood over particle board is a nightmare waiting to happen.

If the existing floor is OSB or plywood simply patch the bad spot.

You will find that there is a 1/16th of an inch difference between plywood and particle board, so you will have a raised edge. You can deal with the edge buy using a leveling compound and a wide knife to feather the edge out. After that, instead of going over everything with another 3/4’s consider using luan, it’s only an 1/8th and smooth as glass,