Guess who is coming live to you this week? Lonnie Scruggs!

Steve will be interviewing the one and only Lonnie Scruggs this week! Stay tuned for all the details coming to you via email so that you can log into this exciting and super packed teleseminar with the legend himself! I had the opportunity to interview Lonnie last year and this was definitely one of the highlights for me in 2007!

I can’t wait to see Lonnie in Austin at Mobile Home Millions 6!


Cory, MHU has had some teleconferences over the past several months, any chance of getting them on the teleconference section of this website?


I think we have every one up except the recent Mann Brothers teleseminar which we will have hopefully up by next week.

We have an all star line up for the next two teleseminars… the legendary Lonnie Scruggs (this Thursday, February 28th) and then Jamie Richardson (Wednesday, March 13th). Jamie is not as famous as Lonnie… yet! :slight_smile:

Jamie was a first grade school teacher and her father kept on her that she needed to buy a mobile home park and create financial independence. She ended up leaving her teaching job the day before Mobile Home Millions IV (Orlando, FL) when the school year finished and never looked back. She bought a MHP in Jacksonville, Fl and is doing awesome. Rumor is that she might be looking for another one. :slight_smile: Just wait until you hear her story, how she works with her dad on the MHP project and all of the trials and tribulations that she has experienced!

Both of these teleseminars are going to be just AWESOME!!!