Guaranteed Rent Increases?

I understand that among the avalanche of new taxes to support the centrally controlled health insurance scheme, a 3 % tax on rents is proposed. Also, certain voting blocks such as the organized productively challenged and unions will be exempt from other proposed new taxes for the next decade.

Granted, some of us are more equal than others;

Bernd, as small business owners and real estate investors, we’ll never enjoy exemptions such as the one you mentioned for the unions. We lack a powerful lobby and the ability to promise our “endorsement” in exchange for the promise of a kickback (ie tax exemption).

The whole thing makes me sick… but there’s really not much we can do about it. Letters to my congressman go unanswered. Guess we just have to focus on the things we can control, and hope for minimum stupidity from Washington.

Where did you read that? I can not find anything about rent increases in the over 2000 page Senate health care bill. Also in nothing.



Check I think last Wednesday’s socialistic diatribe by Congressman Charles B.Rangel on healthscare funding : “… a financial responsibility fee…”( that means taxing): TAXES on interest earned,

                                                 on dividends,

                                                 on capital gains

                                                 on rents !

I admire you for being able to read over 2000 pages, as do our congressmen, in a couple of hours.

Hi Jeff,

Of course,I completely agree with you. Further, to play by the rules established by the enemy guarantees defeat, and to unnecessarily engage the enemy is equally foolish. ’ Jack be nimble ’ might be a worthwhile strategy.