Grrr - I am *SO* wishing I could be there again!

Due to scheduling conflicts, I cannot make it this year. All who are attending, make sure that you give Greg a lot of sugar for hosting, yet AGAIN, what is becoming a premiere event for MH and MHP investors, and at no cost, save airfare/gas, and acccomodations.

I WILL be there in spirit, you better believe it; I encourage all to seek out new friends/business contacts. THIS is where you grow your business; learning new and better tactics to achieve your goals, meeting partners and potential entrepreneurs and investors for your future.

Greg has told me in the past of deals made at MOMs, and he says that this year, he is sure that at least $2m will change hands at this event. Better get yours!

And those red GOTC sport shirts? The offer still stands - for anyone who takes their MH business from part-time while holding down a J.O.B., to full-time, the shirt is on me (Jad, you still owe me that!)

As if that’s a prime motivator ;-)3

Have fun all, and keep Ryan out of the ginger ale!

I am for sure doing MHM in San Diego this spring…maybe see ya there. The mobile you and I looked at in Tallahasse is set up, skirted and rented at 1100 per month…got it set in june.

Steve and corey put on a heck of a deal every year and i won’t miss this one. we had one in Orlando 55 miles away and I miss… one in SD 3000 miles away i make it…go fig!

Will send you pics…

Your friend,


Greg, I look forward to seeing you at Mobile Home Millions 5!

Steve, I hope you can join us in San Diego!


Steve . . . !

I took some vacation time from work to do the M.O.M. As soon as I go back to work I’m giving my notice. Guess that’ll make me a UBA!

Red is a good color. I wear medium.



You came and spent at the casa several years ago and my wife said then" Michael will be sucessful at this mobile home thing"

Wise woman indeed!