Grown son visiting dad tenant and causing issues

A little help here please. I have a small park in Texas. My tenant has a grown son that does not live in the park but when he visits there is usually trouble.


-son visits dad once and gets drunk and causes problems with tenant dad and starts a fight with dad police get called

–a similar situation (without police this time) happens a few week later

-a couple months later (yesterday) , visiting son brings dogs that run around park and make other residents mad and cusses at residents when they complain about dog

what should I do. Can I tell tenant dad that son is no longer allowed on property? and should I non renew?

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Can send a notice to dad saying you will non renew the next time the son comes. Just need to be ready to follow through. If dad is otherwise a good tenant, I would speak to my attorney and get a restraining order against the trespasser.

This is a situation where you should jump in with your manager and speak directly to the dad in order to get more info. Domestic issues like this one can become a lot more troublesome if you bring down the iron fist as your first meaningful action. There are likely better options that will become more obvious after you speak with this person.


In Florida, I wasn’t allowed as a park owner, to put on a trespass/restraining order on a non-tenant visiting a tenant (according to my local police). I ended up writing a 7 day notice to quit to the tenant with the stipulation they had to file a trespass/restraining order or move.

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Profound advice and i have been noticing the same , sometimes when you try and talk/ work something out with tenants , giving them respect , the results in those situations can generate a higher return. Maybe not in every case but can be a good starting point. Nice

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If you are allowed under your state laws you should issue a No Trespass warrant on the son. That is what I have done to keep unwanted individuals out of my community. You could speak to your tennat but it is highly unlikely he has any control over his son based on past events. The tenant may actually view your actions as a relief.

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I’ve been managing my own parks for 16 years. In these situations I would talk to the dad first. Feel him out, maybe he is fed up with the son also and will ask the son to stay away easily. If he refuses, you could threaten eviction. (I’m not sure where you live, but in Indiana we can just Non renew the tenants lease).

Talk first, then evict if needed. Hold the dad responsible for what his guest are doing…


@Pat1 - I agree with the others who have said to talk to the dad first. Here in N.C. we cannot ban the son from the property unless he is a tenant that has been evicted. We’ve had this problem before. We have talked to tenants about this problem and told them that they are responsible for their guest’s behavior (it’s in the rules, too). If they can’t control their guests, it is cause for eviction (or we just do not renew).

Just resolved a similar situation with relatives of a tenant. It ended with a young man in jail -still is - for verbally threatening my manager. We tried for 3 months to resolve with the Mom but she was unable to control her son. The mom did not own the trailer nor did we. The owner of the trailer was in agreement to evict - never got to that - the mom moved out and we already have another tenant paying $50 more per month in lot rent. Get them out asap.