Does anyone else think that Greentree has been ripping this couple off for 17 years? They asked if they could get their own insurance and were told no it has to come through Greentree as we are financing the home

It appears Greentree gets those that don’t have either the education, time, knowlege what ever else to question or fully understand what they are getting into

Can’t tell you the interest rate these people paid as it isn’t on any of their monthly statements and they don’t remember

Am I missing something here?

Fleetwood double wide 1994

Purchased for $68,000 in 1994

Total Annual Premium $935

Comprehsive stated value $26,578 Premium $749

Medical Payments per acc $25,000

Limited mold liability $25,000

Animal liability $10,000

Subject to Hurricane $1,000

Personal Property $8,100 Premium $138

Personal Liability per occ $25,000 Premium $ 23

Flood $25

I pay $300 less than that for a triplex that is valued at $600,000 in a high insurance, sue happy state.