Great MOM!

Many thank to Greg, Jim, Ellen and the “I.T. Guy” for a great weekend. Many great talks and a great time spent with so many of our long distance friends.

Can’t wait for the next one in Daphne and John’s park!


I had a great time. It was great to have you and Karl there. Covered some investment stratagies, eh? There is almost too much info to absorb right away…




Daphne, Alabama for the next one? That’d be great. Anyone have any idea when?

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you, yet again, but my daughter turned one this weekend.

Thanks to all who put on the event and to all of the speakers. I got alot of great info into this industry. It was awesome to be around such a welcoming and giving crowd. Kudos to all! Looking forward to the next event!

Ha, I just realized you probably meant ‘Daphne’ as a person not a place. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, would Daphne’s park happen to be in Daphne, AL or therabouts?

The next MOM will be held near John and Daphne’s park near Madison, GA.

how cool is that? To have a CITY named after you LOL!


Wow, what a great MOM meeting…it keeps getting better and better.

I wanted to thank some special people who spent a huge amount of their time putting this meeting together.

Jim and Ellen Brenn did a wonderful job getting their park ready for the 100+ people. They’ve made a huge impact on their community in just over one year of ownership. It actually looks like a community now instead of a trailer park. They showed us every aspect they’ve encountered during the first stages of this turnaround property. I can’t wait to see the park grow into a first class community. Thanks for your hospitality and coordination in all aspects of this event.

Greg Meade embodies the true meaning of giving back to others. He, like Lonnie and Ernest have impacted many people in this business and helped them better their lives through mobile home investing. Thanks, my friend, for keeping the vision alive.

Steve and Brad were gracious enough to show us their park, land home packages and sales operation in Troy. These two guys have it going on and have done more in just a few years that most people do in a lifetime.

It was great seeing old friends and people who have used the education they’ve received and become successful in the mobile home and self storage business.

Now, the question is…how many people are going to use what was given this weekend and make a difference in their lives? My sincere hope is that several people will! I can’t wait to hear some success stories.

We are all truly blessed to have such giving people in the MHU community. Hopefully, we will never forget that and keep the tradition going.

I look forward to seeing each and everyone whom I met at the MOM meeting again in the future.


Whew what a drive! We got home at 11:00 PM Sunday. Our first event was fantastic. Thanks to everyone, Greg, Ellen, Jim, Steve, And all others that shared their knowledge as well as personal information on their deals, That really helps motivate. Also we were happy to meet and share with so many like minded people. The MH business in our neck of the woods is kinda spread out and lonely. Thanks again.

Karen & Don

What a great event. I was on the fence for 2 weeks and decided on Thrusday afternoon to go down. I am so happy that I went and plan on not missing many more after this. Someone told me these MOMs are a must and he was absolutely right (thanks Rolf).

I was so excited about all the information that I soaked up that I listened to the CD set I got from Greg all the way home (about a 6 hour trip worked out pretty for the 4 CD set). I’ve done a couple of Lonnie deals a while back but after listening to everyone (especially Reuben (sp?) and Michael), I am totally re-invigorated to get back into the action.

Thanks to everyone involved for such a great event.


Jim and I were very happy to welcome you to our community. We have worked hard over the last year (especially Jim, who has been on-site the whole time) to bring it from what it was to what it is and will be.

Some of the indications of change that we learned AFTER the event: one of our tenants, indicating that it was none of her business, told Jim she had noticed he had not been around the park for a few days after all the people were here! He assured her everything was fine and the “owners” were here with some of their friends so we were in meetings with them for the weekend! She then told Jim that there were people looking at homes at other times while we were gone. (This conversation would never have happened a year ago! People are starting to feel good about where they live.)

The second conversation we had with a resident yesterday concerned a conversation she had had with someone who pulled her home out of here just before we came. She told the woman it was a really nice place to live and she should move her home back in now! The woman told her that she had heard that from many people. (This resident knew there would be people around, but was astounded by the NUMBER that were here!)

The presentations were, as usual, outstanding. Greg has managed to get people to speak on several aspects of the business. I think it is easy to forget the other areas while your life is engulfed in one. ALL of them can be lucrative IF you are willing to put in the time and effort. One of the speakers made one of the best points of the meet: you can not look down at the people we deal with! It was a wonderful point, and Jim and I had spoken about a conversation earlier in the meet where we had come away with the feeling that this person honestly did not like his residents.

We did miss a few of our good friends who were unable to attend, but as usual have made many more! We will meet up with some of you again on the cruise and have lots of time to talk there. I expect to see everyone else in Austin, Texas in April!

Thanks to all who made this event happen, it was great seeing good friends again and finally being able to see first hand what Jim & Ellen have been doing.

I personally meet a couple really cool people that I look forward seeing make it in this business especially the “I.T. Guy”

As Greg said, I got to much information to absorb in a few nights and it will take weeks if not months for everything to sink in. To those just starting don’t let the fire die, take what you learned and turn it into action… without action nothing will come of this event for you, with a little action this family will help you along the path to financial freedom. =)

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler

Well said, Ryan, Steve, & everyone.

Greg, you have outdone yourself (if that is possible), Jim & Ellen that park is so nice, I wouldn’t mind living there at all (it would be better if I were the owner!!).

To all the speakers, well done. I was unable to stay for it all (had to look at some parks), but I surely enjoyed what I could. The networking was awesome, even though I only met a fraction of the fine folks attending. It was great to see all of my “new old friends” again.

BTW, Greg, I think that you had over 150 attending on Friday nite, based on the chair count.


What a wonderful MH&MHP investment brainstorming opportunity I had at Troy MOM! I can not express enough of my appreciation towards our host and hostess Jim & Ellen, event organizor Mr. Greg Mead, each and all of the meeting speakers. It was such a pleasure to be around by so many great people who are always ready to pour their investment knowledges and advice to newbies like me. This MOM experience leaves me no excuse not to take action afterward.

Happy investing,


At the time of our first MOM there were basically NO mobile home investing events in Florida.

It would be great for you to start one up there in NY. Call it MOM or MHINE or Don’s MHU, but Ernest made me aware of the intense interest in mobile investing and the need for more sharing of clear, concise info.

Build it and they will come!!

A humble thanks to all that attended.



Thank you my friend for another outstanding event as well as for the opportunity to share some of my thoughts and the experiences I have had over the last two years of park ownership, there is nothing like the feeling you get when you give back and you Greg are a shining example to so many of us who have followed your example of giving back.

I also want to thank Jim and Ellen for all the hard work and energy that went into preparing for this event as well as continued blessings in your efforts to fill and complete your project there. I don’t think most people have a true understanding of what it takes to have a hundred plus people come tour your park, I visited your park in the beginning and you have done an amazing job in just a years time, keep up the great work !!

A special thank you is also due to all those who came to speak and share their knowledge and experience, no matter what your experience level you can always learn somethig from one another, I know I learned something new from every speaker.

For those of you who are new to the business remember, The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, best of luck.

that really is the question…a lot of us go the extra mile to educate and school new to mobile home investors and you and I know the great feeling when a new person puts that info to use.

It doesn’t matter if it is a L/D, Rental, L/H, Park or SS. The important thing to me is that there is positive action taken.

Lonnie every year asks if anyone has done a deal this year. If you haven’t a year is still gone…and we have finite years.

The longest journey starts with that first step, and my thought is why not start that journey for financial freedom today?

Thanks for joining us at MOM Steve, and thanks for bringing Fred along!


portable hard drive with your presentation on it, and Steve’s Clicker. I will get those to you this day.

I LOVE your Park Fred. Touring that Park in 05 I saw that look of pride on your face and right then i decided I want to own a Park I can take that same pride of ownership in. Two years later I am still looking but I bought one and maybe two in the interim and I won’t stop looking for the One!

Thanks for all you do and thank you for opening up a portion of your business (and life) for us to see in your great presentation. It really amazing what two years has brought to your Park and business model!!

Warmest Regards,



What a great event!

So many quality people and so much quality information in such a short period of time. I enjoyed it all, but personal highlights for me included dinner Thursday night with Joy, Steve, and Claudia, and touring the “Model Home” with Ellen.

The speakers of course were awesome. I found it particularly inspiring to hear of Lin’s continued success and to hear about everything that Chris has accomplished in (just!) nine months.

I’ll share my story at the next one.

James Hagarty

Dover, DE

As always, I learned a few new things at this event. It is great to see other people with so much in common. Thanks to everyone involved. These events always get me pumped up to go out and do more deals. Can’t wait for the next one!!

I too would like to thank everyone who put this event on. I look forward to meeting with all of you again in the future, and in the meantime I hope to get my MH investing career off to a start soon. I’m sure I’ll have many questions, and I know you guys will be here to help.