Great broker


Just wanted to recommend Dave Morgan as an excellent and experienced mobile home park broker. Caring, considerate and knowledgeable.

Willing to work with you in difficult situations, and for one who is not religious, if ever there was a person who practices what he preaches, Dave Morgan is the person. If ever anyone was to persuade me to be more religious because of their convictions not becauause of what they say. Dave Morgan is the person to persuade me.

Give him a try, you won’t regreat it.



I have talked to him on several occasions and he really does seem to provide good customer service. He returns calls promptly and has info when he says he will and is a wealth of information about the property he lists. The only downside is that his listings are often in the middle of nowhere. That’s great if you happen to like rural property but that’s not really what I was looking for.