Grant to replace leaking orangeburg sewer lines

Hi everyone!

I’m looking at a park that has orangeburg sewer lines (gasp!, yikes!, run away!). Yes I know this is very bad, and I should probably run, not walk away, however I’m trying to be creative and see if there are other ways to make this work that aren’t asking for a significant price reduction.

My question is has anyone tried to work with the DNR or some other governmental body on getting a grant to replace the lines? The park is held in a trust and the woman who originally owned it just died. Wondering if there is an angle where I can point to the environmental hazard (the city is on a big river) and work together with a governmental body to repair it.

Or, as sleazy as it sounds, would an anonymous call to said governmental body about leaking sewer lines spur an investigation that would result in the lines being replaced?

Any thoughts would help!

This doesn’t seem helpful. He mentioned in the post that he’s looking for advice that isn’t a price reduction.

You might be able to apply for the clean water revolving fund.
Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) | US EPA

It is usually reserved for public and not for profit organizations but you may be able to make a case as a provider of low income housing. This would only help post purchase and the loan cycle is such that it usually takes a couple of years or more from application to funding

I’ll take a look at the CWSRF, thanks Phillip!