Grandfathering Question

Just received this answer from a town employee re: bringing in a new home. Is this correct?

“These are the current setbacks that you are required to meet when moving in a new home. There is no grandfathering of things. If there is a home that was brought in prior to the ordinance being adopted we don’t require them to change, but any new homes are required to meet the current setbacks.”

Probably not, but what are you going to do?

We are facing the same problem (20’ home-to-home setback means a single-wide needs 54 feet space between homes, we are slightly closer together in one spot where I want to put a home.) So look up the ordinance in effect at the time the park was built, and try to work it out with City.

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Thanks Brandon. If they put their foot down and said no, I guess I’d have to hire an attorney. Separate topic, but are you still going primarily 14 wide vs 16?

Prefer 16’ wide. But I’ll take what I can get.

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