Grandfathering in Michigan

I have come up with a problem in Northern Michigan. I have a park that’s been running for 30 yrs under and MHP license. Over the years, there have been RV’s mixed in with MH with no problems from the state or County. The local county just redid their zoning and do not have the actual word “RV” anywhere in the zoning or RV park or campground. The local county owns and runs the 3 largest RV parks in the county. I’ve hired a lawyer to try to remedy the situation but the county pulled rank and stated that I’m stuck with my MHP park status and cannot have RV’s. The market and my park electrical will not sustain
new homes and selling new homes is difficult. Does anyone have experience in Michigan working with EGLE or local municipalities to overcome these issues? Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hello JBM,
I worked on a project in the UP which had RVs in the manufactured home community. The state had issue with the RVs being on lots licensed for manufactured homes and required the owner to revise their license to remove these lots from the total approved lots for that community, or remove the RVs. If I remember you could have up to 5 RV lots in a MHC before you had to license as an RV park.