Got roof?

Looks like one of my mobiles needs a new roof to stop the leaks. A rubber DIY roof was recommended, but I wanted to run it by y’all first. Any recommendations? The mobile is an old one, yet in otherwise good condition, 14x60’.Thanks!

We’ve had good luck coating our roofs with Kool Seal.  It keeps the rain out, and is white, so it reflects the heat away.Best,-jl-

Permanent solution is to  do a metal roof -over 48" width x 16’ length (in your case to leave a 6" over hang on both sides). Run it length wise across the 14ft  side moving from back to front interlocking and therefore sealing roof. Have to remove the heat stack and trim the sheet metal around it with snips and put it back on sealing it with a good poly.Use fir strips 60 ft total length wise down the middle of old roof and on each side to attach the “new” roof… so 3 fir strips down the length of mobile 60 ft long.I bought a how-to 10 page manual with pics that explains in detail from a mobile home guru fixer upper guy on the internet .  Looks pretty easy and  quick ( one day with 2 guys) and looks beautiful in white.I am out of town until the weekend but will give you the link to his website when I get home and you can download it for $20. I have 2 homes that I will be using this method on pretty soon.

Cost is around 1k.

Jefferson is right - as usual.Kool Seal or similar is a good deal, it works, it lasts, and can be reapplied if needed years later - and almost any idiot can apply it.

We have used it. Going to move to Ames. Much more expensive, but it appears to be a far more comprehensive solution.

Not sure what the difference is, they are both elastomeric coatings.

You first need to ascertain the condition of the metal on the roof first.  I have seen many rusting out from the underside do to the lack of proper venting.  If the metal is in good shape then a roof coating, properly applied will work.  If the metal is corroding to the point of no longer being structurally sound then a roof over is the only solution.