Got mouses in the house

I have a duplex and one side, a 2-BR apt, now has mice. It’s cement block on the outside. I’ll have a handyman check for any openings they might be coming through, but other than setting traps, are there any suggestions on how to handle this? Is it worth calling an exterminator or no?



Mice are phenomenally good at getting into structures, so I don’t think you can do more than what you’re already doing for prevention. However, a mixture of traps – glue boards, traditional traps and the new plastic trap door variety – should do the trick. If you put these liberally around the base boards and where there has been evidence of mice living/standing, you will knock the population to zero fast. Every time a trap catches a mouse, you need to immediately put a new one in that spot. You can also do an armageddon style approach where you completely cover the floor with glue boards at the door frame into each room. I would be afraid of using poisons as you may end up with the stench of a dead mouse in a crawlspace, and could also harm any pets in the house.

Thanks Frank.

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I’ve never lived in an MH but had a travel trailer on a hunting lease that had field mouse problems. Sounds like you have your bases covered but here are two other options:

  1. I used to fill small holes with steel wool, idea being they would eat through it, digest and it would kill them internally. But as Frank mentioned with poison, you don’t know where they will die and it could be in a wall = bad smell.
  2. Another guy had good success with a box trap (large version of the old roach motel) that was battery operated and would electrify them. I believe he bought them online from Gemblers.

Good luck!

I always keep poison(warfarin) under my homes and cottages. Once the mice consume it they leave the building looking for water. The poison dehydrates the carcases and I have never had any odors in 20 plus years.
I swear by it and never use any type of traps.

Actually Greg Warfarin is an anti-coagulant. It prevents a body from stopping bleeding by preventing the blood from clotting, the animals bleed to death internally.

How do I know? I have to take it every day to stop blood clot problems in my legs.

Semantics, I know. I’m bored lol.

We had the mice problem in our rental house, and the tenant borrowed one of their relatives’ cat for a couple of weeks, and all the mice moved out!