Got a question who to call

Just heard that a park I had previously missed out on about a year ago, The owner is not making payments. The park was owner financed. I have both parties number, the current owner & previous owner (financier).

Which one of them should I contact,
or perhaps both?


That’s a Great question.

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call guy in arrears… ask if you might be able to buy the park, of course knowing you will have to bring it current. find out if it is in foreclosure… what legal steps have been taken. I would try to talk to him first if he’s still owner. Trust but verify. He may be happy to let you swoop in and bail him out of the deal.

if he’s unwilling to discuss it, then you go to the guy holding the mortgage (prev owner) asking him where it stands and if it does go to foreclosure, could you get an option to buy …

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