Goodbye to a Pioneer!

One of the smartest and certainly the funniest real estate investor and educator whom I had the privilege to know lost his battle with cancer on Friday. Jack Miller was a true pioneer in creative real estate investing and helped countless people get rid of their JOB and make a good living doing what they love.

Ironically, the last time Jack and I spoke he was busy doing land/home package deals out West and making a killing. He was always one who could sniff out great opportunities when others were complaining of doom and gloom. Jack often boasted about his first

I had the good fortune to attend a semminar this summer in San Francisco in which Mr. Miller was speaking. He could see around the box of a deal with a clear view of all facets and did a great job teaching. I have purchased all of Jack’s booklets and I would reccomend others to do so as well while they are available. On a related matter, I would be interested in purchasing the books from Jack’s option course.