Good Test Ad?/

Hello All,

I’m in the due diligence phase of buying a park. I bought a “Go” phone with a local number so that I could place an add and get a feeling for how the area responds.

I don’t have Lonnie’s book anymore as I lent it to my brother-in-law. Can anyone share what their best ads have been for either selling or renting mobile homes?

Maybe well make this a contest and have fun while we’re at it. I bet there’s some real good one’s out there!


PS I’m in the ad business, so I love hearing what “real” people do in their own advertising projects. The best ideas usually come from operators, not advertisers (think the Big Mac which was invented by a franchisee).

The current rental ad I’m getting blast volume calls on is:

3 bedroom / 2 bath 14x70 Morganton Area, good condition in a small quite park. Pets welcome. $115/week No deposit possible. (828)334-xxxx

This is a generic ad for several units (also have a 2 bedroom copy running) and I field the calls to the best fit. $115 /wk translates to $498 on a unit that normally rents for $425 and with payment accounts I don