Good deal or not

2.2 acres 8 lot mhp 1/2 block from water front.1 park owned home at $550 a month 7 lot lease only at
$135 but homes are owned by third party. Strong chance of water front development in the near future
city water sewer electric, If I were to purchase this property .I would raise the lot rents at least $50.00
I mean a rv is at the cheapest $300.00 a month
Do you think this would be a wise investment. Skip

What’s the price?

How close do you live?

price is $99.000.and we are going to move onto the property we live now about ten hours away

I could really use some help to know if I should purchase this property or not

look I seem to have missed something here but I thought that some one would try and give me some advice that I could think about.By all that I have read this seems to be a great opportunity for the size and comfort level I am looking for.

Go for it Seems like it meets your criteria