Going on the market within the year

Sometimes it is time to try your hand at other things, and that time is going to be upon me soon.

I will be putting my last MHP on the market this year and moving on…probably to RV parks. I have been waiting it out to a point where we are again in a good market to sell, but if I wait much longer the RV parks that I am looking at will start to rise in value as well.

a couple of things are holding me back…finding my “dream” RV park and the EPA

I have asked this here before, but maybe someone has some other ideas since then

My wastewater plant permit will expire soon (couple of years) and I am struggling with whether to put put a new plant in now or put the park on the market as is with a price reduction for the upgrades

It’s much more affordable to put a new plant in with tap in fees of $2800 per lot alone.

It’s going to take some time to sell the park because as I am moving on, and I am told that bank financing is starting to open up in our area, there will be no seller financing

FYI this park also has land for expansion that I am partitioning off and have another buyer for

and it is on it’s own well, but I am drawing up an easement thru the land for the park to have access to city water if a new owner so wishes

so …any opinions?