Going from hands on to hands off management style

It seems like the happiest investors here are the ones who have more of a hands off style,and I am considering this for myself, particularly in the winter months as I am considering a snow bird lifestyle (listen up here Rolf, I sense this is an issue with you as well!)

So after 40+ years of family owner/operator style management of a small town park in the midwest, I’m wanting to take a MHP to the “hands off” style of management…or at least to start the transition

we have 72 units, (71 plus a single wide home on a large lot suitable for an office unit) We have 2 units that are for sale, 5 vacant lots, and one unused lot and 2 in eviction

we have a well that is under professional management and our own wastewater system that we are currently working towards upgrading

I am going to set up a system with the bank wherein residents deposit rent directly with the bank and I would handle bill paying myself with the exception of a small petty cash account that I would set up with the manager

My needs are apparently

1 greeting of potential tenants and showing homes

2 reporting of violations

3screening new tenants

4 finding units to fill lots

5 scheduling maintenance

6 DAILY testing of chlorine levels in the water system and transmitting those results to the licensed operator

7 SNOWPLOWING (which has been an issue since I stopped doing it myself)

how do you propose that I proceed… and what would my costs reasonably be

.I am especially concerned about the daily water tests and the winter snowplowing