Alexander and I have as our goal to buy a M.H. park in 2008 or 2009. Our criteria for a park are based on the teaching of Steve Case and Corey Donaldson of the Boot Camp and are gleaned from the conversations with and the presentations of the highly successful Rick Ewen, Ryan Needler, Fred Balke, and our other M.H.U. community friends.

The Requirements:

1.One half to One million dollars in profit at purchase

2.Seventy-five or more units to support an on-site manager

3.Age of the park is 15 years or less

4.All municipal utilities , individually metered

5.Paved roads of adequate width

6.Lots that can accommodate Doublewides easily

7.Park with 40%-50% vacancy

8.Market population between 25 and 150,000

9.Diversified economy with minimal government

Bernd, please expand on #9

It is great to hear from you and Al, I agree with your comments especially on perserverance - sometimes the best ability is availability.